A Poem

To all the men I have loved before

Through every storm

Even passed our midnight when your love had shown It’s worn

And I kept a vigil

A shining lighthouse signaling our love

When impending danger would have shipwrecked us at the tide of life


I have walked these many miles

Travelled alone without you

Knowing at the fringes of my heart the love I always knew

Undeterred and free from detour, I carry it’s weight still

Not so much hoping at your end it be fulfilled


But rather desiring that my love stand as a testament true

Consistently steady and waving

Ready and anew

Like a flag and bastion of a forgotten era where love had honor still

And stood the test of time and every pressing peril


Such a love continues within me

Holding fast and still very free

Right along my journey now, where at passenger pace it rides

Where underneath it drives

And keeps me open to the present, enjoying its gift

Of love outward and abounding with winds and wing to lift


No distance, nor time, circumstance nor choice has changed my love at all

For it’s bounty cannot spoil and my limbs underneath shall never fall

Nor can the weight of tears I shed when losing you

Bring an end to my love of forever loving you




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