Black Cycle


There are times when a woman wish to avoid her “time of the month” and have it delayed in certain situations and occasions. Instead of having synthetic or hormonal pills there are natural remedies to delay ones period. It is better to try to postpone through natural remedies rather than artificial products. There are various ways to postpone and even pre-pone your period naturally. Different home remedies can be more or less effective on particular female bodys. Though It’s not recommended to do this often, yet it is much more effective and safe to do it naturally than to adopt the artificial methods to postpone the menstrual period. Do NOT postpone your period more than a few days It’s not good for the hormonal balance of your body. If you are looking for natural solutions that don’t impact your reproductive system health then home remedies are the best way. But always do your own re-search for different ways of natural treatments to find out what will work the best for your body.


Licorice Root 

Using liquorice root/powder to postpone period is one of the best natural remedies available. This remedy is a very effective and is widely used. Licorice has phytoestrogens that interferes with hormones present in the female body and as a result, it delays our monthly periodic cycle.


godizWhen I wanted to delay my period for a day or two, (such as the other day going to the spa) licorice worked the best for me 👍🏼


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