12 Things About Me


  1. I once snuck into one of Tupac Shakur’s apartments (living in LA)
  2. Apart from this blog, I’m working on a more “professional” website (It’s currently set to private)
  3. I am a make-up artist/stylist.
  4. I have been in a music video.
  5. I studied the media program in school. I know photography, editing, and some music production.
  6. I have been developing a “brand” along with a friend for a hot minute (we are still in the making)
  7. I used to take piano classes.
  8. I look up to my little sister and my grandmother the most of all women i know (my female icon is the late singer Aaliyah)
  9. I wear a purity ring (for my own reasons)
  10. I began leaning toward a vegetarian diet around 2008/2009 (I eat meat occasionally)
  11. My future husband is tall, dark and handsome.
  12. I’m a high school drop out!



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