Birthday Wishes

The birthday of my sister and my best friend.

My sister my first friend, my best friend. Our relationship is so special and our bond so strong that it can never be broken.
With you every moment is special and magical. We share we care, we laugh we cry, we argue and we hug, we love and we LOVE. You have the purest and most unselfish heart. You always give but you barley take.
I am rich because I have you in my life.
In some ways we are so different but our values are alike. Similar hearts.

I am so lucky to not only have you as my sister, but also as the sweetest aunt to my soon coming child. With you close to her, being in her life.. She will always have the best role model by her side. You will see her as your own daughter and I know you will treat her with only love and kindness… like you always have been treating me.

I pray to God on your birthday, the most special day… because He brought you here to us – to me. I pray that He sends you the true love that you deserve, the love as pure and strong as you. You are and will always be blessed, because God will never leave you, you are one of His sweet angels on earth.

No matter where life leads us, from now until the end. I’ll pray that you will always feel my love for you, my sister, my best friend.



March 15 not 13

It’s the day of your birth

Time for us to show your worth

God created you march 15

Your parents brung you here, the best Cinderella we ever seen

We all are fortunate to know you exist

Your Godly aura no one can resist

You just bring out the best in so many 

Some try to find some selfish in you

But they can’t find any

You just give…

God will always bless you for as long

As you shall live

This day may not mean much to you 

But it means alot to me

You have been able to spot one 

No one could see…

My heart

Enjoy your day God want’s you to

Happy birthday bestie, love ya 

And God bless you!


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