Living With A Blind Dog

Even though living with blind dogs can be challenging, it can also be a very rewarding experience. Some dog owners believe as soon as their pet goes blind, it becomes helpless and must receive constant care. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. As a matter of fact, many blind dogs can easily move around their home and live a happy life despite their condition. If your dog is blind or currently developing blindness, you can help him live a happy and comfortable life by following these 12 easy steps.

  1. Don’t move your furniture around because it’ll make it much more difficult for your blind dog to maneuver around your home. Also, keep your floors clear of objects. If objects are placed simultaneously all over your floors, your dog will likely bump into them and get scared. He will then become disoriented.
  2. Be sure to cushion any sharp corners throughout your home, such as cabinets or door facings, that your dog may run into.
  3. Use textured floor runners to help lead your dog from room to room.
  4. Keep everyday objects, such a bedding and feeding bowls, in the same place so your dog will always know where they are.
  5. If you have stairs, install a gate at the top to prevent your dog from tumbling down them.
  6. If you have other pets in your home, put bells on their collars so your blind dog will be aware of their presence. You can also put bells on your wrist or shoes to let them know you’re nearby.
  7. Be sure to inform your visitors that your dog is blind and make sure they know not to pet him until he’s had a chance to sniff their hand.
  8. Help build your blind dog’s confidence by talking to him often. By always encouraging your dog, he’ll feel like he can still do things for himself.
  9. When you take your blind dog on a walk, be sure to use a harness with a short leash. Doing this will give you much more control over your pet and he’ll also feel more secure because he knows where you are.
  10. When out in public, put a safety vest or bandana on your dog that says “I’m blind” so people will be aware of your pet’s condition.
  11. Never approach your blind dog from behind because doing this may frighten him. You should also never approach a blind dog while he’s sleeping.
  12.  If your blind dog stays outdoors, keep the landscaping to a minimum. And remember to only let your blind dog stay outside if your yard is fenced in.

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