My Poetry

To: godizcandy – My Poetry
Subject: u inspired me to write this

You are my poetry,
My metaphor, my simile,
My rhyme scheme, my key,
You are my complete liberation,
Storytelling and alliteration
My knowledge, and exaggeration,
My dotted I’s crossed T’s and punctuation,
My divine manifestation,
You are my pen and my pad
My mom and my dad
The experiences that I had,
My groove, my mood
My happy, my sad,
My angry, my mad
My ups and my downs
My smiles and my frowns
My verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and my nouns
Your are that unique mystique sound
My confidence my swagger
My favorite rapper
You’re my flowing off the top
My influences from Pac
My battling against the clock
You’re even my writer’s block

Through divine transfusion God placed your soul in me
And I’ll never stop writing because you are my poetry (Sandy)

Your Friend C.


godizFound this old poem by my very taleneted friend Chris.

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