Dog Eden

godiz – The day is finally here! after almost 6 years… I have now decided to quit one of my jobs for several reasons. Today is my last day of work at DogEden Doggy Day-Care Centre. What I’m going to miss the absolute most, are ALL my 4-legged friends! It’s a bit hard to come to terms with having to leave them and their cute faces behind. I love my tail-waggers so much!

But besides the dogs and their sweet owners, who by the way has showed me tremendous appreciation. I’m not going to miss NADA! Oh well, some of my colleagues, that I have gained relationships with. Having had up’s and downs at this place, with empty promises and no change, I know that this is the right decision for me. I’ve always given my all, in all I do. Including this job. With many times, putting myself aside not often being treated on fair terms… there is a limit to how much one can take. Loyalty lays in me as a person, so leaving things I have care for is always difficult. I guess change is mostly hard for most people. As I am overwhelmed with mixed emotions and somewhat bittersweet feelings, I also know I’m leaving with a clear conscious.

Tomorrow is day one in another step in my life… I’m looking forward for new beginnings and I feel very blessed.

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