Upcycling Art

bp-jhbp-esbp-blby Bernard Pras

In his work, French artist Bernard Pras uses a technique known as anamorphosis, the art of sticking objects on a canvas to give the work texture and dimension. Pras uses only found objects in his creation-installations, he hides his images in piles of what of what seem to be junk but literally turns trash into treasure. Pras uses plastic waste, old pills, boxes, bags, packs, dolls, toys, musical instruments, household objects, and pretty much anything that seems right for the color and texture he needs. Look closely at his art and you’ll find everything from toilet paper and soda cans to slinkies and bird feathers. In order to create the anamorphic effect, the artist carefully plans the whole installation and places seemingly random objects, selecting them by color and size.. The results are simply jaw-dropping! Pras often reinterprets famous photos and paintings.

other upcycling artists: https://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2009/12/non-trashy-recycled-and-trash-art/

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