Gift In A Split

Last minute? Long distance? Here is a little “how to gift” help…

E-gift card: This is basically a gift-card in your e-mail box instead of your actual mailbox. The best thing is that the Gift Card will be in your Friends e-mail within minutes. And there are plenty or options to pick and chose from.

Store pick Up: Some Stores offer pickups! Why not select and purchase something personal and special for your loved ones online? And then let them pick up the gift, in a store near by.

Online gift: Most online stores allows shipment to a different address aside from your own. Make sure to select who the receiver is going to be, their address and name etc. And make sure you select yourself as the biller. Or else your friend will end up paying for their own gift. We don’t want that.

Subscription: From magazines from pet boxes and other creative varieties. Fun to gift a family member, loved one or a friend, as it is as well very much appreciated!

Door drop Of: Some webpages online, offer to send flowers, birthday cakes, teddy bears, balloons and chocolate for any occasions to those you care for. WHO wouldn’t be happy?

Live Experience: A memory for life! Get someone who is dear to you game tickets, show performance, spa day, rally racing, bungy-jumping or why not just a good food experience? This is perfect for any gift-giving occasion.

These are just some ideas for those who might be near but yet far? Sometimes it takes to long to send a gift by regular mail and we don’t always have the time we need to do so. Over the past years I have been trying to find easy and quick but also creative ways to send people on a distance and overseas occasional gifts. By researching and finding different options… The selections above has been great solutions for me. I hope that they will be helpful for you to.

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