Birthday Love

To one of God’s most passionate children, to my loving sister.. future wife and mother. To my best friend.
The day you were born you made so many smile.
As your younger sister.. when it was my turn.. I was coming to a beautiful but scary world. But you welcomed me to this life with safe arms and pure love. You made me feel that it’s not scary to be here, and that you would never leave my side, no matter what. You cared for me and you always do.

Today you are a inspiring young woman.
And while other women try their best to be accepted by men, you want to be accepted by God.
While other people focus on getting many friends, you focus on being best friend with God.
While other people adore things, you adore God.

While others priorities is to climb in their professional,
you climb to get closer to God.

While other people care for money, you care for trees.

Thank you for teaching me how to chose my priorities.

Many people are so busy with their daily life.. work, friends family, things, etc.
And once when they are in trouble they remember God.
Thank you for reminding me to ALWAYS remember God. And to always put him before any of my needs because, He always puts me first.

I have two special ones beside me, it’s not good and evil. It’s Sandy holding one of my hands and God the other. That makes the evil go away, that’s what makes me wiser and loving through everything I do.

I love you, I love You. And I’m so happy to have you next to me on this journey of life. Wherever you go, I’m always with you and wherever I am, I know you are always with me too.

Happy birthday my angel ❤


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